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PO Box 17
Saint Arnaud 7053
Phone 03 521 1236
Mobile 021 323 228
Email livingspacenz@yahoo.co.nz

Design Philosophy

I believe successful building is focused on creating harmony between the home and its surroundings to create a light-filled home with multipurpose spaces that are beautiful, practical and useful. Harmony between the home and those who live there is achieved when it gives expression to our creativity and nurtures, revitalises and inspires us. Good design encourages sustainability with solar-orientation, passive heat sinks and an abundance of insulation. I believe a home needs to be flexible to changing needs, timeless in its design, sustainable in its structure and materials and refined in its finish and presentation.

When required local tradesmen are used to sustain a strong local economic base, recognising the key role business plays in growing creative and vibrant community.

Completed house